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Our success is your success. We take pride in knowing that for 30 years we have placed the top professionals, and have directly aided in the growth and expansion of the leading companies in the Real Estate industry.

Our direct hire option is not only more appealing to job seekers but the best way to cast a larger net to find candidates that are only seeking a more permanent job arrangement.

Direct hire allows our client to review, interview and hire one of our top selected candidates directly with their company with no delay!

Direct Hire

Need a long term employee but want to have a working trial first? Our flexible temp to hire option may just be the right solution for you. With this option our candidate can start right away, and will be on our payroll until you decide to hire them.

Temp To Hire

Need immediate staffing help? Our temporary division is convenient because we can provide immediate staffing coverage wither it’s short term such as if someone is out sick or on vacation, or for a long term need such as an extended medical leave or for a position you may be hiring for.


Have a candidate you have found on your own and need them to start now? REP has the solution that allows your candidate to start right away on our payroll while they are undergoing your onboarding.  When you are ready to hire, there is no placement fee and there is no minimum number of hours they are required to work.


Need to hire one of the best top executives in the industry? Our nationwide executive search not only saves you time and money, this option allows our clients to fill high end sensitive roles confidentially.

Executive Search
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Why REP?

Save Time & Money

We strive to be the most cost-effective option by providing you the help you need to fit your budget.

  • Save time by seeing only pre-qualified candidates
  • Save money on advertising, marketing and internet job board costs
  • Save time and money on testing, references, and criminal background checks
We are Personally Committed to Your Business

We love to see our clients grow and expand, which symbiotically creates a greater need for our services. We know in order for you to grow, you need the best employees supporting you. We take your success as seriously, as our success.

REP is Your Approved Vendor

We are your approved vendor with a quick turn around time for your additional insured needs.  If your company utilizes a compliance company other than what is shown here, please let us know and we will start the registration process right away. Companies we are compliant with:

  • RMIS
  • Compliance Depot
  • VendorCafe
Confidentiality Matters

The real estate industry is a tight knit community, and we know how to handle positions where sensitive transitions are taking place. There are times when replacing a current employee may upset the day to day operations at your company. We can handle these sensitive situations with discretion, and take confidentiality very seriously.

We are Industry Specialists

Our staff has an expansive knowledge of the industry, and market trends. We hand select our permanent employees that have experience relative in the industry we serve.

Tap the Hidden Market

We have cultivated an extensive candidate pool of both active and passive job seekers who often work solely with our company for their employment search. We’ve worked with literally thousands of experienced people in the real estate and property management industries. Let us deliver your next superstar employee.

REP is Ethical

We are proud to provide an EEOC compliant and ethical staffing service that our clients and candidates can trust.  Our staff has the highest integrity standards and we are proud to service clients at the same caliber.

Hands Off Policy

If our client decides to hire their Payroll candidate and/or our temporary candidate, and the candidate accepts their offer, the employee is then taken off of REPs payroll and placed on our client’s payroll, officially making them our clients employee. Once our client hires our candidate permanently, their file is inactivated. Also, REP’s has a Hands Off Policy that prevents REP from recruiting, soliciting and/or placing that candidate with another client. REP will no longer provide further placement assistance to the individual unless the candidate is no longer where REP placed them. Not all placed permanent candidates and/or clients will convey and/or communicate their placement status changes, and the candidate nor the client are required to update REP of their status. REP does not guarantee job placements to any candidate, we encourage candidates to consider all their resources.

Gretchen G.
Gretchen G.
Regional Manager
"They fit our needs so well that we ended up hiring our temps permanently."
David H.
David H.
Project Development Lead
"We partnered with REP to find out next superstar employee."
Geri A
Geri A
Community Manager
"Through this process the REP team has sent me temporary help of the highest of caliber whom I have permanently hired more than a few to fill some of my most valuable positions."
James B.
James B.
Principal Broker
"Real Estate Personnel is communicative and thorough. I liked that they did the leg work and sent over a candidate that fits with our fast-paced company culture."
Gary P.
Gary P.
Maintenance Supervisor
"Real Estate Personnel streamlines the hiring process and sends qualified maintenance support. I really like their payroll service as well. Great resource!"
Sarah G.
Sarah G.
Community Manager
"Real Estate Personnel sends us great candidates for both temp help and new hires. We love how quickly they send us qualified people and they allow us to payroll our temps so that we can make sure they fit the team before we hire them. It makes our job just that much easier."
Connor H.
Connor H.
Business Owner
"Working with REP has allowed me to focus on what I do best."

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