Denver Office

REP Denver Office

Denver, CO

Denver Uptown Office

1762 Emerson Street

Denver, CO 80218

Conveniently located 9 blocks east of Broadway, two blocks North of Colfax between 17th and 18th on Emerson with free 2 hour on street parking. {mapquest}

Phone: 303-832-2380

Fax: 303-832-2330

Toll-free 877-540-3392

Denver Uptown Personnel
Dan Grantham President Ext 101
Ernestine Grantham Financial Manager Ext 102
Tara Matta Vice President Ext 107
Marissa Matzen

Staffing Assistant Ext 301

Debanhi Gonzalez

Staffing Assistant Ext 110
Jodee VanKeuren Staffing Consultant Ext 201
Amy Fielder

Staffing Coordinator Ext 104
Kalina Jager Staffing Assistant Ext 112
Mary Lohman

Payroll Manager Ext 105
Chaunae Walton Payroll Assistant Ext 109
Diana Maberry Payroll Assistant Ext 111
Aleah Schuman Administrative Assistant Ext 106

Whitney Nobles

Consultant Ext 701

Alma Palma

Administrative Assistant Ext 106